Do you want your project to feel collaborative, allow you to adapt quickly, and keep your budgets on track? Is your favorite part of setting the smiles and laughs along the way? Read on.

I am a freelance producer and photographer with multiple home bases - who can find between Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego when not on the road for work.

I love solving the puzzles required for a successful production. I'll admit that I'm drawn to the thrill of bringing teams together to create something beautiful with lasting results. My core beliefs are that anything can be solved with collaboration, logic, and a can-do attitude.

I've found a niche in domestic and international travel-oriented shoots, specializing in live-action and still shoots for commercials and branded content. Julia can help with your most remote production, a truly remote production (hello COVID), or the most urban environment. Locations have ranged from the Rocky Mountains to the world's tallest building (Burj Khalifa).

I work hard to keep projects on budget, on schedule, in communication, and perhaps most importantly, everyone Having a good time. I understand that attention to detail makes a production proactive and creates a smooth sailing ship. I also understand that people do their best creative work when supported. 

My experience working with post teams for editing, design, and sound design helps add knowledge to the process from pre-production to delivery.  

Need help coming up? Let's make something together.

Past Clients Include: A lot of tourism :) +  *Patagonia  *Columbia * Dick's Sporting Goods * Mountain Dew *Garmin * Otterbox * WSJ * Ford * Microsoft *  Yonex  * Boppy * Kevita  *Publix  *Owens Corning * CDOT * Humana * Bellco* Blue Federal * Colorado Ortho * Denver Health *  West Cancer Center  *  The University of Colorado Denver *University of Denver * Mesa State * Monarch Casino *Cdot *Wydot

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Check out my piece In Voyager Magazine 
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